Myxomycetes species list by genera

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For a full list of myxomycete names and synonyms see Lado et al.



Arcyria affinis GR (Zisssis Antonopoulos)
Arcyria affinis CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Arcyria annulifera ES (Paco Moreno)

Arcyria cinerea UK Gosforth Reserve 4/7/16 JR
Arcyria cinerea 0279 AUS PDF download (SL)

Arcyria denudata UK Gosforth Reserve 02/07/16 JR
Arcyria denudata 0160 AUS PDF download (SL)

Arcyria ferruginea 0003 AUS PDF download (SL)

Arcyria globosa External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyra helvetica DK (Danish myxos)

Arcyria incarnata 0652 AUS PDF download (SL)

Arcyria incarnata JR

Arcyria insignis External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyria leiocarpa PDF download AUS (SL)

Arcyria major External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyria marginoundulata – External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyria minuta CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Arcyria obvelata UK, Gosforth Reserve 5/7/16, High Spen 25/6/16 JR
Arcyria obvelata 0462 AUS PDF download (SL)
Arcyria obvelata CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Arcyria oerstedii External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyria oerstedioides External link – The Eumycetozoan Project

Arcyria pomiformis UK, Gosforth Reserve 5/7/16 JR
Arcyria pomiformis 0117 AUS PDF download (SL)

Arcyria riparia PDF download (SL)

Arycria stipata CAN (Cimon/Labrecque)

Arcyria versicolor GR (Zissis Antonopoulos)

Arcyria virescens External link – The Eumycetozoan Project
Arcyria virescens USA (KF)


Badhamia affinis CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Badhamia apiculospora The Eumycetozoan Project

Badhamis capsulifera TEP

Badhamia crassipella TEP

Badhamia dubia TEP

Badhamia foliicola JR UK 2017

Badhamia gigantospora

Badhamia goniospora

Badhmia lilacina

Badhamia macrocarpa

Badhamia melanospora (+pdf) Castle Eden Dene 31/10/2015 JR

Badhamia nitens 0040 PDF download (SL)

Badhamia ovispora

Badhamia panicea 0038 PDF download (SL)

Badhamia papaveracea

Badhamia populina

Badhamia urticularis Scotland, 5/5/2016 JR
Badhamia utricularis 0340 PDF download (SL)

Badhamia versicolour

Badhamia viridescens


Brefeldia maxima Henshaw Linn, 14/10/16 and Castle Eden Dene 2015 JR
Brefeldia maxima The Eumycetozoan Project



Comatricha alta

Comatricha anstomosans

Comatrica anomola

Comatricha brachypus

Comatricha calderensis

Comatricha elegans 0125 PDF download (SL)

Comatricha fragilis

Comatricha fusiformis

Comatricha laxa

Comatricha longipila

Comatrichia meandrispora

Comatrichia mirabilis

Comatricha nigra Cliburn Moss, Penrith 2/10/16 JR

Comatricha nigra 0791 PDF (SL)

Comatricha nigricapillitia

Comatricha pseudoalpina

Comatricha pulchella 0121 PDF download (SL)

Comaricha rubens

Comtraricha rutilipedata

Comatricha sinuatocolumellata

Comatricha subalpina 0623 PDF download (SL)

Comatricha suksdorfii

Comatricha vineatilis 0659 PDF download (SL)


Craterium atrolucens

Craterium aureonucleatum Close Wood 24/9/16 JR

 Craterium aureum 0368 PDF download (SL)

Craterium concinnum

Craterium dictyosporum

Craterium leucocephalum

Craterium minutum Darlington 2015 JR

Craterium minutum 0461 PDF download (SL)

Comatrichia mirabilis

Comatricha nigra Cliburn Moss, Penrith 2/10/16 JR

Comatricha nigra 0791 PDF (SL)

Craterium muscorum

Craterium obovatum CAN (Cimon/Béland)

Craterium paraguayense

Craterium reticulatum

Craterium rubronodum


Cribraria argillacea Hepburn Wood 17/9/16
Cribraria argillacea CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Cribraria atrofusca

Cribraria aurantiaca Causey Arch 20/8/16

Cribraria cancellata  Hepburn Wood 17/9/16
Cribraria cancellata 0320 (PDF SL)
Cribraria cancellata var cancellata CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Cribraria confusa 0861 PDF

Cribraria confusa 0489PDF (SL)

Cribraria cribrarioides

Cribraria dictyospora

Cribraria ferruginea 0156  PDF

Cribraria filiformis

Cribraria intricata CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Cribraria languescens

Cribraria lepida

Cribraria macrocarpa 0321 PD

Cribraria martinii 0482 PDF

Cribraria meylanii

Cribraria microcarpa 0444 PDF

Cribraria minutissima

Cribraria mirabilis 0332 PDF

Cribraria oregana 0523 PDF

Cribraria pachydictyon

Cribrara persoonii UK Gosforth Reserve 11/9/16 (JR)
Cribraria persoonii 0165 AUS PDF (SL)
Cribraria persoonii CAN Cimon/Lebrecque/Labbé

Cribraria piriformis

Cribraria purpurea CZ Kubásek, Jiří

Cribraria rubiginosa

Cribraria rufa

Cribraria splendens 0057 PDF

Cribraria stellifera

Cribraria tecta

Cribraria tenella

Cribraria violacea UK, Gosforth Reserve, bark culture (JR)

Cribraria vulgaris CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)


Diderma alpinum

Diderma aurantiocolumellatum

Diderma asteroides

Diderma brooksii

Diderma carneum

Diderma chondrioderma

Diderma cinereum

Diderma cingulatum

Diderma circumdissilens

Diderma crustaceum

Diderma darjeelingense

Diderma deplanatum Hareshaw Linn, 26/10/16

Diderma donkii

Diderma effusum CAN (Cimon/Labbé/Labrecque)

Diderma fallax

Diderma floriforme

Diderma globosum 0774  PDF

Diderma hemisphaericum

Diderma meyerae Cheviot, 7/5/2016

Diderma microcarpum


Diderma miniatum

Diderma montanum

Diderma niveum

Diderma ochraceum

Diderma radiatum

Diderma rufostriatum (Paco Moreno)

Diderma rugosum

Diderma saundersii 0908  PDF

Diderma sauteri

Diderma sessile

Diderma simplex

Diderma spumarioides Gosforth Reserve 9/6/2016

Diderma spumarioides 0757  PDF

Diderma subfloriforme

Diderma subicarnatum

Diderma subviridifuscum

Diderma testaceum

Diderma umbilicatum


Didymium anellus

Didymium angularisporum

Didymium annulisporum

Didymium applanatum

Didymium bahiense 0676  PDF (SL)

Didymium balearicum

Didymium cf. applanatum 0643  PDF (SL)

Didymium clavus 0171   PDF (SL)

Didymium columellacavum

Didymium comatum

Didymium crustaceum

Didymium decipiens

Didymium difforme

Didymium dubium

Didymium flexuosum

Didymium floccosum

Didymium kartensii

Didymium laxifilum

Didymium leoninum



Didymium megalosporum

Didymium melanospermum JR Low Force 30/10/16

Didymium melanospermum 0043  PDF (SL)

Didymium minus

Didymium nigripes 0553  PDF (SL)

Didymium nivicolum

Didymium obducens

Didymium ochroideum

Didymium orthonemata

Didymium oviodeum

Didymium perforatum

Didymium pseudodecipiens

Didymium rebeopus

Didymium saturnus

Didymium serpula

Didymium squamulosum #0123  PDF (SL)

Didymium sturgii

Didymium subreticulosporum

Didymium trachysporum

Didymium vaccinum

Didymium verrucosporum JR


Echinostelium arboreum

Echinostelium minutum


Elaeomyxa cerifera JR/SL

Elaeomyxa miyazakiensis

Elaeomyxa reticulospora

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Enerthenema (Stemonitales)
Enerthenema papillitum Oak bark culture, Gosforth Reserve 16/10/16

Fuligo (Physarales)
Fuligo septica Gosforth Reserve 5/7/16

Hemitrichia (Trichiales)
Hemitrichia clavata Hareshaw Linn 14/10/16

Lamproderma (Stemonitales)
Lamproderma columbinum Hareshaw Linn 14/10/16

Licea (Liceales)
Licea biforis Gosforth Reserve (Willow bark culture) 8/10/16
Licea kleistobolus Gosforth Reserve (Oak bark culture) 16/10/16
Licea with stalk (TBC) Gosforth Reserve (Willow bark culture) 8/10/16

Lycogala (Liceales)
Lycogala epidendrum Gosforth Reserve 9/6/16

Macbrideola (Stemonitales)
Macbrideola cornea Johnny’s Wood, Borrowdale 8/2/16 (Bark culture)

Metatrichia (Trichiales)
Metatrichia floriformis Gosforth Reserve 11/6/2016 and Scotland 5/2016

Paradiacheopsis (Stemonitales)
Paradiacheopsis solitaria Bark culture on Oak. Hareshaw Linn 14/10/16

Physarum (Physarales)
Physarum cinereum Gosforth Reserve 16/10/16
Physarum compressum Herbarium collection
Physarum leucophaeum Gosforth Reserve 30/6/16
Physarum leucopus Darlington 2015
Physarum nutans Low Dinsdale, Darlington 2015
Physarum robustum Gosforth Reserve 4/7/16
Physarum roseum PDF download AUS (Teresa Van der Heul) 2018

Reticularia (Liceales)
Reticularia lycoperdon Gosforth Reserve 12/6/16

Stemonitopsis (Stemonitales)
Stemonitopsis hyperopta Hepburn Wood 17/9/16
Stemonitopsis typhina Gosforth Reserve, 8/6/2016

Stemonitis (Stemonitales)
Stemonitis fusca Gosforth Reserve, 9/6/2016 and others

Trichia (Trichiales)
Trichia affinis Hareshaw Linn 14/10/16
Trichia botrytis Hareshaw Linn 26/10/16
Trichia decipiens var olivacea Gosforth Reserve 4/7/16, Scotland, High Spen.
Trichia varia Gosforth Reserve 16/10/16, Hareshaw Linn 14/10/16, etc