Lloyd, S.J. (2014) Where the slime mould creeps – the fascinating world of myxomycetes. Tympanocryptis Press, Birralee.
Part 1 includes illustrated descriptions of the life cycle of slime moulds, fruiting body parts, distribution, collection and storage and identification. Part 2 has a description of the author’s study site, invertebrates associated with fruiting bodies and myxos on particular substrates such as aerial litter and various logs. Part 3 is a photographic gallery of myxomycetes.
Appendices include classification (i.e. lists of Orders, genera and species), glossary, references and a checklist of Australian myxomycetes. Full colour throughout.
Available in Australia from Fungimap:
Available in the UK from NHBS


Dussutour, A. Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le blob sans jamais oser le demander. An interesting read (in French) from a researcher in the field, covering experiements in nutrition and behaviour of P.polycephalum. A good glimpse into the process of research and the the difficulties facing young researchers in the field.


Macbride, T. (1899) The North American Slime-moulds. The Macmillan Company, London. (Facsimile copy Forgotten Books)
Describes some of the taxonomic challenges of the group for which the author clearly has a passion.

Martin, G.W. & Alexopoulos, C.J. (1969) The Myxomycetes. University of Iowa Press, Iowa.
The most comprehensive book at the time of its publication and the one credited with sparking much research. Its introductory section describes the biology and ecology and outlines the difficulties that arise when identifying species. It remains a very useful reference.
(Out of print but possibly available from Amazon or similar.)

Nannenga-Bremekamp, N.E. (1991) A Guide to Temperate Myxomycetes. Biopress Limited Bristol.
Includes detailed descriptions, line drawings and extensive notes on similar species making it a very useful book.

Neubert, H., Nowotny, W. & Baumann, K. (1993) Die Myxomyceten. Deutschlands und des angrenzenden Alpenraumes unter besonderer Berucksichtiggung Osterreichs, Karlheinz Baumann Verlag Gomaringen.
Three volumes with excellent photographs and line drawings but without English translation.

Poulain, M., Meyer, M. & Bozonnet, J. (2011) Les Myxomycètes. Federation mycologique et botanique Dauphine-Savoie Le Prieure, Sevrier.
Two volumes. Includes keys and brief descriptions in French and English, colour photographs of 530 of the 853 taxa described in the keys and line drawings of the microscopic structures. The information is based mostly on the private collections of Jean Bozonnet and Marianne Meyer numbering 4000 and 35 000 specimens respectively. Meyer’s collection, one of the most extensive outside any institutional herbaria, concentrates on the nivicolous species that are found in the mountains of Savoie, France.

Sharp, J. & Grabham, T. (2015) The Creeping Garden: Irrational Encounters with Plasmodial Slime Moulds. Alchimia (FAB Press Imprint).

Stevenson, S.L., & Stempen, H. 1994 Mycomycetes: a handbook of slime molds. Timber Press, Oregon.
A good book for beginners. It includes information about biology, structural features, collecting and preparing material for study, moist chamber cultures, ecology, distribution and associated invertebrates. It has descriptions and line drawings of 54 species, but more are described briefly. The photos in this ‘print on demand’ book are in black and white.

Stephenson, S.L. (2010) The Kingdom Fungi, the biology of mushrooms, molds and lichens. Timber Press Portland, Cambridge.
Includes one chapter on slime moulds.
(possibly cheaper from Amazon or the Book Depository.)

Stephenson, S.L. (2003) Myxomycetes of New Zealand. Fungi of New Zealand Volume 3, Fungal Diversity Research Series 11:1-238.
A comprehensive treatment of the approximately 180 species reported from or known to occur in New Zealand. Includes an overview of the group, biology and ecology, description of basic structural features and dichotomous keys. Descriptions of each species with some line drawings and colour photos. This is a useful reference, especially for people in the Australasian region.


Myxomycetes 1st Edition
Biology, Systematics, Biogeography and Ecology
Editors: Carlos Alvarado Steven Stephenson
Paperback ISBN: 9780128050897
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 2nd August 2017
Page Count: 470

Books from a bygone age but still useful – these links download large PDF files directly

The Myxomycetes of Great Britain arranged according to the method of Rostafinski, 1877.
By Mordecai Cubitt Cooke: – … 00cook.pdf

A monograph of the Mycetozoa, 2nd revised edition, 1911.
By Arthur Lister & Gulielma Lister. … ituoft.pdf

The Myxomycetes; a descriptive list of the known species with special reference to those occurring in North America, 1934.
By Thomas Huston Macbride & George Willard Martin: – … 00macb.pdf