This site is a for anyone interested in the biology and beauty of myxomycetes (also called plasmodial or acellular slime moulds).

Original concept by John Robinson and Sarah Lloyd.


Many thanks to:

Antonopolous, Zissis (Greece)
Bendlin, Leah (USA)
Cimon, Jules (Canada)
Clements, Steve (UK)
Fleming, Kim (USA)
Kubásek, Jiří (Czech Republic)
Labbé, Roland (Canada)
Labrecque, Jacqueline (Canada)
Moreno, Paco (Spain)
Van Der Heul, Teresa (Australia)

Please contact me if I have forgotton to add you to the list..!


Here you can:

  • share images of identified species with details of date, habitat, location and substrate (as much information as possible)
  • simply find out more about these extraordinary organisms and see images of their exquisitely beautiful fruiting bodies
  • have your mystery species identified (maybe! Microscopy sometimes required).

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