How to add photos

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How to add photos

Post by John » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:33 am

Images should be resized to 1000x 1000 pixels maximum. See below.

When you reply or start a new topic, add your text and the go to "Attachments" at the bottom of the text entry box. Add your image files using the "Add files" button.
Once you have clicked on the "Attachments" tab - this screen will appear.
Once you have added some files, your box will look like this and give your the option to place "inline". Don't worry about doing this is you are a beginner. Just click submit. Please note that you can always edit your post later.
N.B. If you do opt to place the images inline (ie by clicking the "Place inline" button next to each attachment) then images will be added into your post at the point where the text cursor is currently positioned.

For example - The images you are currently viewing are "inline" with the text rather than at the end of the message.

Images should be resized to 1000x 1000 pixels maximum. The file size may not exceed 1000 KB maximum. JPG are usually the best type of image files to use. IF you don't know how to do this, please see footnote regarding resizing with "Paint"

Although some of us have high-speed Internet connections we must remain respectful of those members who have limited connectivity and bandwidth concerns. Keeping image sizes and file sizes manageable will make for a pleasant experience for everyone.

NB: Image memory use can be controlled by jpeg compression quality, eg in Photoshop "Save for Web and Devices"

How to resize photos

There are many types of software for resizing images eg Photoshop, GIMP (free), etc but they can be quite complex to use.

Paint is software which is bundled free with Windows and is relatively easy to use.

How to use Paint to resize photos.

1. Open the image you wish to modify and save a copy (in case you need the original again).

2. Click the “Resize” button in the toolbar and then check the “Pixels” and set the widest dimension to 1000px (the other dimension will be set automatically). Click OK and then save with a different name. JPG files are usually best. All done.