Humid chamber culture (bark culture)

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Humid chamber culture (bark culture)

Post by John » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:54 pm

An easy way to get started growing myxos.

Pieces of substrate(usually bark) around the size of a coin can be collected and placed directly on a damp paper towel in a petri dish or other container. Usually samples of flaky bark from around head height are selected ensuring no damage occurs to the tree.
The samples can then be kept moist and viewed using a stereomicroscope. Every few days to start with and then weekly.

Samples of substrate can also be collected, dried and stored in paper envelopes for months before use. Useful for winter viewing.

Many species not usually found in the field can be discovered using this method.

See below a photo of Enerthenema papillatum which often appears on sample of oak.
Enerthema papillatum 2000.jpg

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